Hey! Nice to have you here.

My name is Firsta, what’s yours? I started a travel blog back in April 2013 and it’s become a business. Maybe I should call it a business blog 😀 I miss blogging for the sake of blogging (list posts are only fun when you’re writing about fairies). You know, writing random stuff and basically just documenting my life (well this blog is going to serve random stories from my travels outside Indonesia too). Like an online diary with a bit of magic! But my personal life is going to stay personal. *cough cough*

So that was the reason why hellofirsta.com was born. Please expect nothing serious because this is just for fun-at least for now. I am still debating if I should write this blog in English, Indonesian or Indlish (or should that by Engonesian). Well, time will answer that question.

Okay I guess that is enough for an introduction 🙂 I hope you enjoy being here. You can contact me through my Instagram: @hellofirsta or comment below. Have a great day!

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