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Akhirnya Ngompos Juga

September 30, 2020
elemen hijau elemen cokelat

Mungkin hampir setiap hari saya kepikiran hal-hal kecil berkaitan dengan hidup ramah lingkungan. Kadang-kadang agak stres juga, saya suka mikir, kenapa mesti mikirin segininya banget. Hahaha drama sama diri sendiri. Sampai saat ini saya belum bisa zero waste, dan kayanya agak susah sih. I truly adore people who live zero waste life, but I’m not aiming for that. Saya tahu diri saya sendiri, dan kalau saya aim untuk itu, yang ada saya akan tambah stres dan malahan bisa-bisa tidak bergerak/tidak melakukan usaha apapun untuk hidup lebih hijau. Alias overwhelmed.
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Itchy Itching Please Go Away

April 22, 2019

Today is 22nd April 2019. I’m in Jakarta.
Some of my close friends know that I’m currently dealing with. Something that is really frustrating …

I just got back to Indonesia a week ago. I arrived in Jakarta after travelling around Egypt on April 16th. I’ve spent most of the last month travelling. Continue Reading


Oh Garbage!

February 15, 2019

I’ve felt that garbage is an issue for quite a long time now. When I was maybe 12-15 years old and I cleaned up to my room I always ended up with a lot of stuff to throw away by the end of it. Back then I didn’t think about going green and doing things for the environment. I would just think, ‘where does this all go?’ Lazy me, I didn’t try to find the answer. At that time I just questioned without caring. Continue Reading

Asia Europe Thoughts

Yayoi Kusama in Jakarta and London

February 5, 2019

Who doesn’t find a bright yellow pumpkin with black dots interesting or at least quirky and caught the attention? Well at least I do.

I think the first time I ever saw work by Yayoi Kusama was on the internet. I found her work interesting. I started to read a bit about her, and research some of the stories behind the artwork that she had created, and her career. Continue Reading


Testing the UK: 1 Month in Bristol

October 29, 2018

A few days ago I said to Nico, “do you realise that I don’t have any friends here?”. I’m kind of feeling lonely.

That is only partially true. The term I-don’t-have-any-friends means I don’t have my own friends. Of course there are Nico’s brothers, Nico’s friends, occasionally Nico friend’s girlfriend, and also Nico family’s friends or extended family, but you know what, I guess it is just different. Continue Reading