Itchy Itching Please Go Away

April 22, 2019

Today is 22nd April 2019. I’m in Jakarta.
Some of my close friends know that I’m currently dealing with. Something that is really frustrating …

I just got back to Indonesia a week ago. I arrived in Jakarta after travelling around Egypt on April 16th. I’ve spent most of the last month travelling.

Here is a recap of my itinerary.

20-26 March: Yogya
26 March-3 April: Jakarta
3-15 April: Egypt (Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada)
16-now April: Jakarta

So …

Since 20th March, just after I arrived in Yogyakarta, I have not spent one day without scratching. Either it’s my lower legs that are itching, my thighs, my hands, my arms, and now, the last five days, it has been my cheeks, my ears (every time after shower!) and my eyelids as well.

I’m sore.

Am I being too much when I suddenly cry because I’m desperate for the itching to end? I cried a few times. 🙁

This experience brought back the memory from 2014. Without any reason, I suddenly felt itchy, like a burn on my skin. The more I scratched it, the crazier the itch.

I knew that I shouldn’t scratch it, but it’s very itchy and I couldn’t stop myself from scratching.
I had the itch (but not the dryness) in 2014 for almost 3 months. It happened a few days after Yogya was showered by the ashes of Kelud Volcano.

I went to the hospital to take the allergic test and the result was quite silly. I was allergic to tons of stuff (none of which I had been allergic to before). Even to tea and coffee.

When I was travelling around Laos and Myanmar (after dealing with the itchiness for 2 months), the itching disappeared by itself. I remember at the time I often used long sleeves and trousers because when it was itchy, big red lumps/rashes would appear on my skin. It was not fun.

I put so much hope that going out from Indonesia (this time to Egypt) would sort out the problem. But it didn’t. I feel lazy to go to doctor or hospital, because I don’t want to have the same silly test again (and the useless result). From my own diagnose, reading some articles, and talking with friends, I think I kind of know what to do. I have to get a cream (or lotion). A magical cream. I’m thinking about getting it tomorrow.

I’m putting so much hope in this cream.

Anyway, I’m going to sleep now with gloves on of course (today is going to be the third night with gloves!). I want to avoid scratching myself unintentionally while I sleep. I have enough scars from this problem. The worst thing about this is I can’t focus on doing things that I have to do/I want to do. It is utterly frustrating.

Sorry for being too grumpy. I hope the cream does work. Fingers crossed!
Update: I bought a lotion (Noroid lotion 200ML) on 23rd April. A week after constantly applying the lotion, I finally heal. I’m happy!

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